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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction
Diabetes Care (journal)



Diabetes Care is a peer reviewed scientific journal published since 1978 by the American Diabetes Association.

A monthly publication, Diabetes Care is a journal for the health care practitioner that is intended to stimulate research, and promote better management of people with diabetes. To achieve these goals, the journal publishes research articles on human studies in the following five categories: 1) clinical care/education/nutrition/psychosocial research, 2) epidemiology/health services research, 3) emerging treatments and technologies, 4) pathophysiology/complications, and 5) cardiovascular and metabolic risk. The journal also publishes clinically relevant review articles, letters to the editor, and commentaries.

The impact factor of the journal is 7.349 (2008), ranking fifth in the field of Endocrinology/Metabolism out of 93 journals.

International editions of the journal include Asian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Polish editions.

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