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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction



Bugchasing (or Bug chasing) is a term, invented in the 1990s, for the fetish of a small minority of gay men for becoming infected with HIV. Whilst doubts have been raised about the existence of the phenomenon, various gay websites have chat rooms devoted to bugchasers (sometimes known as seekers, looking for "gift givers"), who are looking specifically to have unprotected sex with HIV-positive men. According to some sources, there have even been "conversion parties" where people have gathered together to pursue their goal.

It is thought that some men wish to become infected with HIV because they feel guilty (or even left out) because many of their friends are HIV-positive or because they feel fatalism|fatalistic about becoming HIV-positive and want to stop worrying about when they might become infected ordinarily.

Many gay men, particularly seropositive gay men, look down on bugchasers with disdain, as being delusional or simply not understanding that modern antiviral therapy is extremely expensive, can still have painful and unpleasant Adverse effect (medicine)|side-effects, and does not cure or ultimately stop the progression of the disease. Some gay men are also concerned that bugchasers might "give the gay community a bad name".

Writer/film director|director Daniel Bort made a 2003 in film|2003 short film called Bugchaser, which premi??red at the 16th Annual Austin, Texas|Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, on the subject, shot mainly in New York City|New York sex clubs. In an interview with the Austin Chronicle, he explained: "The matter-of-fact declarations of a string of articulate, apparently nonsensical people … affected me tremendously. I had to find out the reasons why such individuals will seek suicide in this almost symbolic way." At the Austin G&L Film Festival, the film was shown with an accompanying documentary film|documentary The Gift by Louise Hogarth.

Also in 2003, Rolling Stone magazine printed an article by a freelance journalist Gregory Freeman entitled "Bug Chasers: The men who long to be HIV+", which provoked a storm of controversy, mainly for the statistics given in the article, which suggested that the practice might be relatively common. There seems to be little evidence, however, that bugchasing is the practice of anything but a very small minority. The reliability of that article is also questioned, as it cited only two sources. One, who claimed that as many as 25% of HIV+ men had contracted it on purpose, gave his information anonymously. The other source was a doctor who, when confronted, denied the quotes attributed to him in the article.

"In private sex clubs across the U.S. men gather for a chance to participate in what is called Russian Roulette. Ten men are invited, nine are HIV-, one is HIV+. The men have agreed to not speak of AIDS, nor HIV. They participate in as many unsafe sexual encounters with each other as possible, thus increasing their chances to receive "the bug." These are the men known as 'Bug Chasers.'" http://www.alternativesmagazine.com/15/hill.html

The issue is, more recently, being taken seriously by medical health promotion bodies, such as the Centers for Disease Control, which hosted a workshop by Dr Michael Graydon of Carleton University, Ottawa, on the topic at the 2004 National Sexually-transmitted disease|STD Prevention Conference.

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