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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction
American Life League



The American Life League or ALL is the largest pro-life organization in the United States. Its current president is Judie Brown and its headquarters are in Stafford, Virginia.

The American Life League aims to educate Americans and Catholics about what the ALL identifies as the more risky sides of abortion, birth control and euthanasia. The ALL is involved with issues pertaining to the sanctity of life, with an emphasis on abortion. The League describes themselves as "pro-life--without exception, without compromise, without apology." Contrary to popular belief, ALL is not a political front group, as it has yet to endorse any candidate for any level of office.

The American Life League sponsors several projects including:

  • Crusade for Life in which pro-lifers travel about the country and give speeches in parishes http://www.crusadeforlife2005.com

  • Crusade for the Defense of Our Roman Catholic|Catholic Church http://www.all.org/crusade in which ALL seeks to educate Catholics about abortion, as well as expose pro-abortion Catholic politicians who knowingly defy Church doctrine. The League's slogan in this matter is "You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion."

  • National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is an annual event typically during April when pro-lifers are encouraged to wear a t-shirt that carries a pro-life message.

  • Pro-Life Memorial Day falls on the first Monday of October, intentionally coinciding with the beginning of the US Supreme Court's fall term.

  • Rock for Life http://www.rockforlife.org is the largest pro-life organization in America geared towards young people. In fact, Rock for Life reccommends against leading a Rock for Life club chapter if one is over 30 years of age. Often abbreviated as R4L or more commonly RFL, Rock for Life harnesses the popularity of rock music to spread its pro-life message. In doing this, Rock for Life supports pro-life musicians, presents educational booths with pro-life literature, and in accordance with the goals outlined in STOPP (please see below), pickets at clinics that perform abortions.

  • STOPP International is ALL's plan for stopping Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America. Part of STOPP is the Ryan Report.

The American Life League is also affiliated with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Pro-Life Secretariat. In keeping with the membership and leadership of the American Life League--which is more highly representative of Catholics than evangelical Christians--opposition to contraception is also motivating principle. Director Wood has stated opposition to the "Plan B" emergency contraceptive pill regimen on the grounds that it causes blood clots and other health problems. (This is inaccurate: Long-term use of the hormone in Plan B--progestin--in hormone replacement therapy can indeed cause such problems. However the one-time administration of progestin used in emergency contraception is not a risk factor for such symptoms.)

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