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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction



Allergan, Inc. , is a global specialty pharmaceutical company. Their product ranges include ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, dermatology products, and neurological products.

The company's most notable neurologic product is Botox , used around the world to treat a variety of debilitating disorders associated with muscle overactivity and also well-known???under the trade names Botox Cosmetic and Vistabel???for the treatment of facial lines.

Its most important manufacturing plants are in Waco, Texas; Westport , Ireland; and San Jose , Costa Rica.

In 1950, Allergan launched its first product, NASAL DROPS. In 1962, Allergan achieves $1 million in eye care sales. In 1966, Worldwide corporate headquarters was established in Irvine by acquiring a parcel of land. In 1970, Allergan becomes publicly traded and achieves $10 million in sales. In 1978, Started manufacturing in Ireland. In 1980, Subsidiaries are in 30 countries and products are marketed in more than 100 countries sales reach $100 million. In 1980, Allergan was acquired by SmithKline Beecham plc (then known as "SmithKline Corporation" and herein "SmithKline"). Allergan operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SmithKline from 1980 until 1989. In 1989, Allergan again became a stand-alone public company through a spin-off distribution by SmithKline. In 1992, Allergan sold its contact lens business in North and South America. In 1993, Allergan sold its contact lens business outside of the Americas. In 1994, Allergan acquired the Ioptex Research worldwide intraocular lens product line. In 1987, Allergan achieves $500 million in sales.

In 1995, Allergan achieves $1 billion in sales. In 1995, Allergan completed four acquisitions. In January 1995, Allergan acquired Optical Micro Systems, Inc., a U.S.-based developer and manufacturer of phacoemulsification surgical equipment. In June 1995, Allergan acquired Laboratorios Frumtost, S.A., a manufacturer of ophthalmic and other pharmaceutical products in Brazil. In August 1995, Allergan purchased the assets of Herald Pharmacal, Inc., a U.S.-based developer and manufacturer of glycolic acid-based, aesthetic skin care products. In November 1995, Allergan purchased the worldwide contact lens care product business of Pilkington Barnes Hind. Also in 1995, Allergan acquired 100% ownership interest in Santen-Allergan, its Japanese contact lens care joint venture. In 1999, Allergan implemented a two-for-one stock split effected as a dividend to stockholders of record on November 18, 1999.. In 2002, Botox is born. In 2004, Allergan achieves $2 billion in sales. In 2006, Allergan Achieves $3 billion in sales; Lap Band is born. In 2006, in March, Allergan acquired aesthetic company, Inamed, to create a world leading aesthetic brand focused on facial aesthetics, breast aesthetics, and devices designed to treat obesity(lapband).. In 2007, Breast implants developed (see "Inamed acquisition" below). In 2007, in February, Allergan acquired the Swiss company Endoart SA based on the EPFL campus. It has special expertise in the field of telemetrically-controlled implants . In 2007, in November, Allergan is reported to be investigating the cosmetic properties of Lumigan in clinical trials.. In 2009, Allergan released above mentioned product under the name "Latisse.".

  • NATRELLE: Breast Implants (Silicone and Saline)

  • LAP-BAND: An adjustable gastric band, inserted laparoscopically (in most circumstances); a restrictive device implanted via bariatric surgery and designed for obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater.

  • ORBERA SYSTEM: An intragastric balloon, inserted endoscopically; designed to assist weight loss by partially filling the stomach and inducing satiety for overweight patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or greater.

  • LUMIGAN: anti- glaucoma medication containing the active ingredient bimatoprost.

  • Alphagan P: anti-(glaucoma) medication containing the active ingredient (brimonidine)



  • Acuvail

  • ZYMAR .3%

  • Zymaxid .5%

  • F M L ( fluorometholone)

  • Combigan: anti-(glaucoma) medication containing a combination of active ingredients (brimonidine) and (timolol)

  • BOTOX: anti- spasm medication containing the active ingredient botulinum toxin.

  • * BOTOX COSMETIC: anti- wrinkle cosmetic drug derived from botox

  • * VISTABEL: anti- wrinkle cosmetic drug derived from botox

  • REFRESH: artificial tears containing carboxymethylcellulose



  • ** Sensitive



  • * PLUS

  • * P.M.


  • * TEARS

  • * OPTIVE: most advanced retail dry-eye treatment

  • * JUVEDERM: used cosmetically for wrinkles and fine lines, also for lip augmentation

  • * TAZORAC: for severe acne and psoriasis

  • * LATISSE: used to lengthen and thicken eyelashes (attenuated version of Lumigan)

  • * OZURDEX: for BRVO and CRVO

  • * VIVITE: Complete Facial Line

  • Natrelle homepage???Breast Implant Website

  • Allergan homepage

  • Endoart homepage

  • Official Botox web site by Allergan

  • Plastic Surgery Information

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