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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction



Accu-Chek is the brand of blood sugar-testing devices ( glucose meters) manufactured by Roche Diagnostics, largely for the diabetic market. Kits consist of an electronic monitor which measures blood sugar via inserted one-time-use "strips" and a lancet device which fires a sharp needle marginally through the epidermis of the finger in order to allow a small amount of blood to be squeezed onto the strip in the monitor. In its advertisements, Roche claims this avoids "painful re-sticking" and for the "Multi-Clix" lancet device, 90% of patients in its tests found it to be the least painful of lancet devices.

! Introduction !! Status
Accu-chek Active ? Discontinued
Accu-chek Advantage ? Discontinued
Accu-chek Aviva ? Current
Accu-chek Compact ? Discontinued
Accu-chek Compact Plus ? Current
Accu-chek Nano ? Current
Accu-chek Mobile 2009 Current

! Introduction !! Status
SoftClix ? Discontinued
MultiClix ? Current
FastClix 2009 Current

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