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March 26, 2016
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1 Introduction
Aahhotep I



Queen Aahotep I was an Ancient Egyptian queen who lived 1560-1530 B.C.E. Her parents were Sanakten-Re Taa I and Tetisheri. She was married to Sekenen-Re Taa II, and they had two sons, Kamose and Ahmose. When Kamose was killed in battle, Ahmose succeded the throne. However, evidence suggests that this occurred when Ahmose I was too young to rule, and hence Aahotoep became regent. She is thought to have been influential in driving the Hyksos invaders out of Egypt, as a stele in the temple of Amun-Re praises her military accomplisments, and the fact she was found buried with three "golden fly" medals, which were awarded in ancient Egypt for military service.


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