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March 26, 2016
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
What Doctors Haven't Learned About Women's Health

by Erik Kampe M.S.


Have you ever been told by your doctor that your "aches and pains" are in your head?

Increasingly, more women are coming to discover that they have needlessly suffered for years because many health providers are not aware of unique medical conditions that affect women.

Despite the increase of women-specific health research, the idea of equating women's and men's health still exists.

The situation is continually improving, but a lot more "women specific research" needs to be started.

As a result, women are at risk for an increased number of incorrect diagnoses, some of which can be fatal.

Clearly women are different then men in many ways.

Consider just a few health differences between men and women:

* Men and women display different symptoms of heart attack. Chest pain is most common in men while women's symptoms are subtler, often characterized by generalized fatigue, abdominal pain and nausea.

* Men and women absorb and excrete some drugs in different ways and at different rates. Some drugs are more effective in women while others have more severe side effects in women than in men.

* Women may be more susceptible than men to the cancer causing properties of cigarette smoke.

More importantly, women are more sexually sophisticated than men!

If you're a women with an unsatisfying sex life or looking to take your sexual fulfilment to the next level you need to look beyond the next "Female Viagra".

Visit the Pathways to Women's Sexual Health website to explore all dimensions of your sexuality!

This article is an exerpt from the Special Report 9 Hidden Dangers To Women's Health Information on The Internet.

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